What Scraps?

Isn't it amazing what you can do with several bits of paper along other bits and bobs. I love doing anything creative and especially scrapbooking. Mind you I still have a long while to get onto to my own scrapbook, but I'm hella good at getting my creative on for people's presents.

For a friends bridal shower, as a present, she requested that everyone bring in their favorite recipes to compile a recipe book for her new married life! 


I was also excited that I got to do some crafty stuff (since it was a very long time since I did anything). You could say my creativeness was overflowing #goodlordy

Here are the four pages I did for my girlfriend. I was quite proud of my pages and seriously loved the adorable prints that her mother bought for the day. I in turn, bought my own set of scrapbooking pages and letterings which I actually use to make people's birthday cards and whatnot. 

Just wait till I have kids O_O their lives are gonna be a scrapbook series. From their very first step to the very first time they take a photo of us. Let's face it peeps! Kids of the future generations are gonna be born with a cellphone in hand and a twitter account before they can speak!


Remember those letter writing sets you used to buy when you were younger? Yet never used them cause they were pricey at the time of your youth and you wanted to save them for a special occasion? This is that special occasion :]

 photo sign-off.png


  1. Ohmygosh these are amazing!!!!
    I know who to call if I need some creative help :P hehe

    1. Thanks hun! I had heaps of fun doing these. I was thinking to myself that I should scrapbook more often. Buh busy times these days! >_<; xoxo


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