Have Some Respect!

I don't have any disrespect for other cultures, having been brought up in a multicultural country. I was taught by my parents to embrace my nationality but never become ignorant of others. Have some respect for them as you will never know what hardships they went through to be able to live here.

Yet since when did coming to another country, become an excuse to think highly of yourself? Since when did people from different cultures begin acting like they own the place? FYI! Being multicultural means to embrace and accept others, not become fucking arrogant. I learnt something amazing during a guided tour I was in on a family trip in Singapore.

"Without knowledge, there is fear. Without understanding, there is ignorance,"

Hence the reason why there were so many violent wars within Singapore on which religion would be the main one. What did the government do? Make all schools strictly government, no religion specific, and compulsory for all children to learn about each of the 4 main religions, to better understand each other's beliefs. They also celebrate all the religious calendar dates. Amazing right?

Why am I writing about this? I'm really peeved. I have nothing against peoplr of other religions or nationalities. What I cannot stand is people purposely putting others 'in their place'. No person has the right to ever put someone else 'in their place'.

An international student was sitting at a normal coffee table, sipoing on his coffee and studying (it's assessment season once again). He seemed to be on a roll since he was making extensive notes from his text book and his laptop. I was sitting nearby and relaxing after a long day at work.

A man with a bucket load of shopping, comes up to him and asks if he could take the student's table so his group of friends can take up the student's table and the table next to him. The cafe is pretty full and only free seats is the one next to the international student and a lounge chair with a low table. The international student, being a shy guy, doesn't really know what to do, because the man didn't even wait for a response. He just plopped his shopping on the chair in front of the international student and began calling his friends over. The international student tried to explain himself to the man, saying that he can't work on such a low table. Common sense, if you were working on a coffee table, your back would bloodly hurt!

In the end the international student grudgingly picks up his stuff and leaves his seat. The man didn't even thank him, he just signalled for his group to take a seat. Two men sitting on another table move over in their table to kindly make room for the international student to sit and study, instead of the lounge chair and coffee table the man originally pointed at. SUCH FUCKING ARROGANCE!

Before the international student could stand up for himself or give reason as to why he needed his table, the fucking man who had the nerve to ask just assumes he was going to leave the table.


1 | The international student was there first #nobrainerthere

2 | Don't bother asking if you're just gonna force him off his table anyway #sayingnotobullies

3 | Thanking the person for the inconvenience you have caused them shows you were brought up right. Why put your parents to shame? #gotitfromyomama?

4 | Pretty sure if you were in his shoes, you would have said flat out 'no' #hypocrite

People really disappoint me sometimes! #grrrr


  1. http://peoplewhatabunchofbastards.com/

  2. I read this and I was quite furious too! Somewhat, I did wish that the international student stood up for himself and claimed that he was there first. It does take a little courage, that I'll admit. However, some people out there have the tiniest minds and are incredibly selfish, and they don't know their impact towards others. I really sympathise with the international student, poor kid. :(

    1. Its definitely one of those moments where there are two choices - you stand up for yourself, or just move grudgingly. Some people can be so intimidating or just not care what the other person thinks. I hope that international student won't judge everyone to be like that too :[

  3. OMG that is HORRIBLE! I can't believe someone would do that - poor guy!!!! If I was sitting there watching, I'd be positively seething. But I hate to say that I don't think I'd have the courage to stand up for him :(

    1. It's difficult in that situation only cause, you're only a third party. It's technically not any of your business to step in, when the international student should just state why he can't just simply move. So depressing! I wanted to stand up and say something, it made me feel slightly happy to know I wasn't the only one who was feeling that way. Really proud of the two guys to moved aside for the international student though! Can really feel the community spirit :3

  4. Some people can be really dense... ugh what a rude, rude man! And cannot even utter a simple word as thanks. Smh...

    1. The least he could do was utter some thanks. But what can you do right? Some people really make you wonder whether they realise how rude they are sometimes =___=


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