This year has been definitely and eventful one. I have learnt so much about myself as a person.

I have travelled and experienced 3 different countries this year, spent quality time with family and had many great memories with my friends and my adoring boyfriend. My personal style has changed and for the better because this is how I see myself expressing my quirky personality. Discovering what I love doing and tailoring my blog to focus more on my life, DIY ideas and my obsession with sunglasses was seriously an added bonus. You can imagine how confuses I was when I was posting about everything and anything I could find. I enjoyed the challenge but it's nice to have only a select few.

Another major plus for 2013 was that I got what wanted to get out the year; more adventures, to come closer to finding my purpose and what I'll be doing with my life in the future. I decided on a lot of things and really look forward to kick start the new year with many opportunities and hardships alon the way. 

I also wanted to take the time to thank you. Whether you said 'Hello' and gave me a big smile, or if you have shared a part of your life, spared some of your time with silly little me, I really appreciate it. 

People come and go, that is true, but it's the impact they make on your life that should be the lasting impression, not their back as they walked away. I love you all. Friends, family, readers, pets and everyone in between. You all have made the years in my life something worth while, worth living and memorable to learn from. I will be taking every piece of of advice, forms of support and encouragement with me everywhere. 

Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you all!

love always, khatsii


  1. Happy New Year Khatsii! Happy to hear 2013 was good to you, may 2014 do even bettter. ;)

    1. Thank you dear! Happy New Year to your too! I hope 2014 brings you many opportunities :D xoxo


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