14 March, 2014

Ray-ban 'Erika' & 'Chris' in Velvet

Ever heard of those two styles by Ray-ban before? #wellnowyouhave #supergrin

The style 'Erika' was introduced a couple of years ago as a play on the retro 60's/70's style. Its round shape does wonders for those with petite faces and the lightness of the frame is a dream when you easily get marks on your nose and cheeks.

The style 'Chris' is kinda like the masculine version of the 'Erika', hence the reason the more masculine name, but that doesn't mean that you're limited to wearing whatever your gender is. In the world of fashion, nothing is really deemed male or female anymore - its how you wear it.

I got uber curious when I heard that Ray-ban would be releasing a fun collection for 'Erika' and 'Chris', having sold so many of their funky colors, I couldn't imagine how the sunglasses could be even more funky and colorful. Velvet? Point proven Ray-ban! My hat goes off to you.


'Erika' in Red Velvet with Grey Gradient Lens.

'Erika' in Aqua Blue Velvet with Blue Mirror Lens.

'Erika' in Yellow Velvet with Mirror Lens.

'Erika' in Black Velvet with Silver Mirror Lens.

'Erika' in Purple Velvet with Purple Mirror Lens.

'Erika' in Orange Velvet with Orange Mirror Lens.

'Chris' in Velvet

'Chris' in Black Velvet with Silver Mirror Lens.

'Chris' in Blue Velvet with Blue Mirror Lens.

'Chris' in Blue Velvet with Grey Gradient Lens.

'Chris' in Green Velvet with Green Mirror Lens.

'Chris' in Deep Red Velvet with Orange Mirror Lens.

'Chris' in Grey Velvet with Silver Mirror Lens.
I can imagine these sunglasses would be uber comfy to wear. The 'Chris' and 'Erika' are already lightweight and comfy to wear in its usual matte finish frame, can you imagine have cushioning to go with your shades? #WINNING



  1. THE COLOURRSSSS! I like the green ones!!!

    1. Haha! I'm not surprised you liked the green ones! Considering your hair was green at one point! (Or is it still green? :O) xox

  2. Ahhh yes I have tortoiseshell Erikas and I love them to death!! So lightweight so exactly as you said - I Don't get the annoying marks on my face. And the shape is so flattering as well. Tempted to pick up a few more pairs in diff colours!!!


    1. They are the bomb! I personally have the original purple Chris but I wouldn't mind another pair. Although I have quite a lot of pairs already >_<; I love the fact I don't get any markings on my face #WINNING xox

  3. I read your page and decided to get one. I got my deep red velvet Chris. I enjoy the jealous stare from other people when they see mine. These rayban velvet line are very rare in where I live. So, thank youuuu



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