19 March, 2014

Thierry Lasry 2014 Collection Personal Picks

Been browsing online Thierry Lasry's website and my goodness I have to get a hold of a pair or a couple of pairs myself! They are gorgeous! The main shapes within this collection are cat-eye and a wayfarer style, yet the colouring isn't your typical black and/or tortoise shell. 

What comes to mind when I think Thierry Lasry? Colors, unique, edgy, timeless and quirky. Because of its price range in comparison to other brands, they definitely take the cake in being high fashion and a showstopper.

Here are some of my faves from their collection so far for 2014. If you want to check out their entire collection, stop by their official website - you're be in for a treat!

**All images sourced from the Official Thierry Lasry Website.

Dirty Mindy 1654

How gorgeous is this piece? I can imagine this pair to be your vintage-look-but-still-modern pair in your collection. The nude pink is actually transparent, so when you wear them, they will appeal and blend quite nicely with any skin tone.

Dominaty 4373

This pair would definitely be my everyday wear pair. Nice rounded wayfarer style and the teal/aqua green makes me melt = I'm a suck for anything teal/aqua. I can imagine this pair fitting a lot of different faces, considering its square shape and the rounded corners would make it appear softer on.

Nudity 3473

 Very similar to 'Dirty Mindy but not quite there. In comparison to 'Dirty Mindy' this pair is like a hybrid between a cat-eye and a wayfarer. The squarer shape definitely show it'll fit more faces and suit all-occasions, while the sharpness of the frame connecting to the arm has more edge and would be loved by many females who love  bit of edge to their accessories.

Orgasmy V147

Did I mentioned that I grew in love with Thierry Lasry's style because CL from 2NE1 wore a pair in their 'Go Away' MV? I love 2NE1 because of their edgy style and this SCREAMS edgy! The thick arms and front frame is fantastic! From far away, you would not pick up the striped design, but once you get closer, oh lordy!

Silenty 704

Even though the round style digs into my high cheekbones, it won't stop me from loving the style all together! A nice simple color giving a more causal natural look, while still being trendy. LOVE IT!

Slutty 29

There is a reason why this is the lucky last of my favorites. BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING! The color, the shape and oh my goodness the 3D detail on the front of the glasses! I love it when designers put simple details on sunglasses and make it pretty much the main feature of the pair. Sure many people would still buy it if it were just a plain black pair, but who really wants to have plain sunglasses all the time? Do it cause you can! :D

I have yet to find an outlet where Thierry Lasry is sold, but you can bet your butts that once I do find out, I'll probably grab a pair myself. Until then, I'll just ogle at the glasses and them on celebrities :D 

Here's a few :D

If you could wear a pair of Thierry Lasry sunglasses... 

which would you pick? :O



  1. Oh my gosh! I need those Silenty ones in my life. x


    1. Tell me about it hun! These pieces are just screaming at me to buy. But I will have to save monies and try them on first (>_<) xoxo


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